Friday, July 27, 2012

Surgical Education - Epic Fail

In a survey carried out among the interns at a Medical College in Bangalore, 100% of them said General Surgery was the worst postings. They rated their surgical training as 'very poor'. 97% of those interviewed did not want to take up Surgery.
Long gone are the days when Surgery used to be a passion. Gone are the days when the brightest in the brain pool wanted to be surgeons.
Think about it... I do not want to undergo a surgery 50 years from now!
Where did we go wrong?
I hear everyone complaining about how the 'new kids' are 'useless' and 'careless'
I don't think that way, i feel they are 'used-less' and 'cared-less'
I think WE have failed them, WE have failed to inspire them.

I did my internship, for the sake of completion. I wanted to earn my degree. Wanted to throw my stethoscope away and walk. I took up Medicine because i had a lot of lofty ideals and when i saw the system, i did not want to be a part of it, seen things i am ashamed of.
But I was indeed inspired by the surgeons among men, whom i have had the privilege of working with Men who walked tall, Surgeons who inspired me to take up surgery.
I used to look up at our Surgery chief ,, and used to think, 'Boy! I wanna be like him!'
Today i see Seniors and tell myself,  'Lord! I dont wanna end up like him!'
We did go wrong,

Today we are seeing a steady decline in the importance of general surgery, In my opinion it just reflects on the quality of the surgical education and training.
In India the so called 'Super-Specialities' are eating into General Surgery beds, There is nothing Super about these specialities, they are infact 'Sub Specialities' of General Surgery.
Surely General Surgery is bigger than all of them and should ve been kept that way.
There were even rumours about the Holy Council scrapping away General Surgery courses and instead starting direct Speciality programmes
We are soon gonna lose the Big picture.
The surgical Specialists are gonna treat a patient by systems and areas
heard the story of the blind men and the elephant?
MCh courses are considered post graduate courses in India, Everywhere else in the world, they are considered Fellowships.
For any structure to be stable, it has to have a wide base and narrow apex.
Creating multiple columns would be like a card house.
'Omni surgeon' is a word that has been used in many journals coming out from the United States. They have just rediscovered the need for surgeons who are specialized in multiple procedures pertaining to many systems. They found that an 'Omni Surgeon' would be better than a group of surgical 'specialists'
They opine that such a concept would be a win-win situation.
That 'Omni Surgeon' is our General Surgeon.
And we need the white man to tell us that things have come full circle

General Surgery is a vanishing race, threatened, endangered, just because the elite does not want to join the stream, and the ones who walk in are disillusioned.  unless action comes from the very top